The Life 2 Project Melbourne

Fully funded by the State Government of Victoria

Life 2 Project- EFFECTIVE  recovery from domestic violence trauma NOW in Victoria

The Life 2 Project exists to ensure that women who have experienced domestic & family violence in the past have access to safe, effective & nurturing methods supporting  their long term recovery from trauma.
Our 4 Pillars, Heal, Empower, Educate, Connect ensure that a holistic and whole mind-body approach to healing is at the centre of the work we do with each and every client.
Our team of highly skilled practitioners effectively guide our guests to reach toxic core beliefs, perceptions and  patterns gently & easily, bringing relief and release from emotional, psychological & physical issues.
Our guests gently and easily release  old ways of thinking and being that have been embedded through  unique life experiences & that are holding them back from being their true &  best self.
Discover a new path to emotional wellness through your body's own energy system.
The Life 2 Project is proudly in partnership with the State Government of Victoria and Project 4 Change Limited. We are extremely excited and humbled to be able to offer our incredible programs FREE OF CHARGE to the women of Victoria through the Pick My Project Campaign and the local community who voted for us.

OUR Program

Experience & LEARN  powerful NEW TECHNIQUES 

10 week workshop series

 10 weeks, 2 hours each session

 Creating your peace and balance after an abusive relation ship, workshop series for women   
We are proud and excited to offer a ten week group program for women who have experienced domestic or family abuse, or other types of gendered abuse. Our innovative program comprises ten weekly workshops where our attendees get to learn techniques and strategies for exploring, relieving and managing stress, anxiety and related issues, education about the mind and body and it's responses to stress and trauma, and a place in our supportive connected community environment.
The program introduces Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) as an easy to learn and use self administered tool for every day use, right when and where it's needed, in the moment that stress hits day to day.
One of our key objectives is for women to be able to be self reliant for their emotional wellness. We introduce meditation and mindfulness as complementary practices and begin to integrate self care as an essential every day activity.
Our program also offers access to personal sessions for each participant to utilise if and when issues arise that may require a private space to work through with a practitioner. It is common for traumatic and difficult memories to arise during group work that need some deeper personalised exploration and release. We consider these sessions a vital safety net that offers reassurance that the women are fully supported and feel safe to express themselves. 
*Personal sessions available during the 10 week program, outside of group sessions, and at practitioner availability.

DURATION: 10 weeks, 2 hours per week

3 Day retreat

 3 days, 2 nights full immersion 

This highly successful retreat offers three days and 2 nights in beautiful private surroundings, a superior level of comfort and environment, fully inclusive of accommodation, catering & personal & group sessions.

.Join us and be part of a gathering of women who are ready to begin their journey of recovery from the long-term effects of trauma related to the experience of domestic & family violence. The release of emotional trauma allows reactivation of vitality & connection more deeply with yourself through the course of this nurturing & fully supported weekend.
We explore beliefs and perceptions that have been dictating  thoughts, feelings & behaviour. We will play with how we might make some small & powerful shifts in perception to create new possibilities for the future.
You don't have to share your "story", you don't have to relive past events to let them go. You are gently guided through the weekend to naturally find your own resolutions.
Our Three Day Retreats offer:
* Three days of relaxation, energising,     connection, learning & letting go.
*  Learn the powerful technique of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  
* Have the opportunity to experience the cutting edge technique of Matrix Reimprinting during personal sessions.  
* Bliss out with a  deeply relaxing massage that supports the emotional release process.
* Gentle & relaxing  specialist Yoga session
* Mindfulness and meditation to calm the mind & enhance intuition
* Delicious and nutritionally nurturing gluten & dairy free meals & treats.
You will "tap" into your ability to quickly transform your relationship with your past, creating shifts in your emotional and physical well-being in the present.
Oh! And we have a lot of FUN!
From Friday 8.30 am - Sunday 5.30 pm
Contact us, places fill very quickly.
DURATION: 3 Days, 2 Nights
*Inclusions may be subject to change

Personal Follow up Sessions

 Up to 5 personal sessions available

Personal one on one session, in person, via phone or on Skype/Zoom

We follow up your retreat or workshop experience with personal sessions designed to further explore any freshly surfacing challenging memories, patterns or beliefs.

Gently and easily release these often subconscious long held beliefs and negative patterns, blocks and sabotaging behaviour that have been embedded through your unique life experiences. 

Keep working and practising with your new perspective on emotional balance and finding your own place of peace.

Continue to use and embed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a tool to use yourself for every day challenges, Follow your path to emotional wellness through your body's own energy system and work intentionally within your subconscious landscape through these personal EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions.

Requirement: 3 Day Retreat or workshops attendance

Learning for Life

Take away valuable techniques, skills and information for life
What you will gain from joining us for any of our programs will serve you and your family for a lifetime.

We advocate for women to become their own source of strength, nurturing and community, while never having to do it all alone.

You will leave us feeling confident in your skills and have the resources  to handle future stressful situations, periods of anxiety and many other day to day challenges.

You will be able to assist and guide children and other loved ones and create a system of support.

The bonds and connections with your group give you an instant community, and through our online group you can stay close via your keyboard or phone.

You will take home all of the valuable information, your own  notes, learnings and insights in your personal workbooks that you can revisit any time. Your live ECHO of your time with us. 


The facts

WE WORK with you

It is not our place to direct or influence you. We are guided by you through your unique experiences to reach your most effective resolutions. We enter each session with an open heart and open mind, ready to assist you to find peace, balance and release.

Experienced facilitators

Our Facilitators and practitioners are hand picked experienced professionals with specialist insight into the dynamics of abusive relationships and the many issues that our guests experience. Many of our team have also had personal journeys through abusive relationships. They bring valuable understanding and knowledge of the dynamics, patterns and common beliefs associated with this most invasive of experiences to our space

Proven methods

We  have been working in Brisbane since 2014 and have streamlined our methods and processes to gain the most benefit for our guests and attendees.
We have looked at the results and feedback from both clients and practitioners and implemented our findings to  offer the women of Melbourne an exceptional experience through our work.
See our wonderful testimonials below from previous participants.

Scientifically backed

Many scientific  research papers, clinical studies, trials and articles are backing the efficacy of Energy Psychology methods such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting,  and showing that mindfulness, meditation have a hugely positive effect on stress levels, overwhelm and anxiety issues.
Visit this link to read the results of clinical studies.
And this link to learn about several international investigations into EFT's effectiveness on PTSD

Easy to use techniques

Throughout our programs you are guided by skilled practitioners to relieve issues, but you also are taught to use the techniques in an easy to understand and supportive way to be able to utilise these powerful methods for your own use after you leave us. Our emphasis is on simplicity and ease so you get maximum benefit. 


You will experience


A few words from the hearts of some of the women who have attended our previous retreats.

"This was so incredibly beautiful and empowering I would like to do it again! :) I can honestly say I feel lighter, joyful, hopeful, and peaceful :) And best of all I am able to feel Okay in my skin and who I am and my journey. I feel like this is the final step in my sealing and healing from the journey of the last 15 years! And I will be using the lessons and strategies (EFT, Matrix, Yoga, Massage etc) in my life from now on."
E. from Brisbane

"This exceeded all expectations, lots of learning, understanding and acceptance (self and others). Bonds with other participants was very strong, very healing. Surprised by real connections. I am actually a beautiful woman, deserving of love and happiness. Understanding and working on traumas clears the pathway to the real me. Social connection with others was/is awesome!"
                                                                                                                                   K. from Brisbane

"I can't put words to how much this journey has impacted my life. I have loved every minute of this retreat. It has changed my life forever. I have so much love and gratitude to all the wonderfully kind and beautiful people who are involved in making this happen.The vibration I have felt here is so magical and I will always carry this feeling with me."
                                                                                                                                 S. from Brisbane

"Having lived in the darkness for too long, this retreat has helped me to open the door and let the light in.
I actually feel like crying writing this...
My soul feels very grateful! I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. I proudly say with my hand on my heart that I will get through this, and not just because of our sessions but because a group of women (my tribe) absolutely believe in me.
I am worthy! I AM WORTHY!! And I thank you for giving that back to me!!"     
                                                                                                                             D. From Adelaide

"I am so grateful to have been given an opportunity to heal, grow, learn, release, connect, relax, rejuvenate and shift. Everything felt aligned. All so safe and loving, sooo comfortable. My heart is full of love and gratitude. I feel happy."
                                                                                                                           K. From Gold Coast


MEET THE PRactitioners

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Life 2 Project Founder

Jane Sleight-Leach

Founder and Lead Practitioner of The Life 2 Project. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Workshop Facilitator
Life 2 Events Organiser
EFT & MR National Trainer

Caroline Dawson

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and National Practitioner Trainer
Registered Nurse

Mary Matthews

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Occupational Therapist
Certified Counsellor

Jodie Ross

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Clinical Psychologist


Book your place with us today for our melbourne program

10 week workshop program

per 10 week course

  • Victorian residents can join us for this ten week group program for women who have experienced domestic or family abuse. We work to four essential pillars to support the journey to emotional wellness: 
  • Learn powerful techniques  and create balance in just  2 hours per week. Fully supported with personal sessions available.

3 day retreat

per 3 day weekend

  • Our first Melbourne Retreat, being held in the Mornington Peninsula region, is a continuation of the amazing work we have pioneered in Brisbane. These Retreats are fully funded by the Victorian State Government. All places are at no cost to participants. Be part of a gathering of women who are ready to begin their journey of recovery from the long term effects of trauma related to the experience of domestic and family violence. 

personal sessions

per session

  • Personal sessions are available through this innovative Melbourne based program for all attendees of workshops or retreats.
  • Our program offers personal sessions for each workshop participant to utilise during the course of the 10 weeks if and when issues arise that may require a private space to work through with a practitioner. 



We are extremely grateful to have the support of many state and national organisations who are committed to bettering the lives of our communities.


Please enter your details here to book your place.
Please remember, places are very limited so be sure that you can attend the programs you book for. 
We are committed to making the biggest difference to as many women's lives as possible.
Working with us is a commitment to YOU and your future!