The Life 2 Project Melbourne

This program is fully funded 

Life 2 Project- EFFECTIVE  recovery from domestic violence trauma NOW available in Victoria

The Life 2 Project exists to ensure that women who have experience domestic & family violence in the past have access to safe, effective & nurturing methods supporting  their long term recovery from trauma.
Our 4 Pillars, Heal, Empower, Educate, Connect ensure that a holistic and whole mind-body approach to recovering wellness is at the centre of the work we do with each and every participant.
Our team of highly skilled practitioners effectively guide our guests to reach toxic core beliefs, perceptions and  patterns gently & easily, bringing relief and release from emotional, psychological & sometimes physical issues.
Our guests gently and easily release  old ways of thinking and being that have been embedded through  unique life experiences & that are holding them back from being their true &  best self.
Discover a new path to emotional wellness through your body's own energy system.
The Life 2 Project are extremely excited and humbled to be able to offer this FULLY FUNDED program for Victorian women who have had past experience of domestic or family violence, funded via local community who voted for us.

OUR Program

Experience & LEARN  powerful NEW TECHNIQUES 

3 Day retreat

3 days, 2 nights full immersion 

This highly successful retreat offers three days &  2 nights in beautiful private surroundings, a superior level of comfort and environment, fully inclusive of accommodation, catering & personal & group sessions.

.Join our gathering of women who are ready to begin their journey of recovery from the long-term effects of trauma related to the experience of domestic & family violence. The release of emotional trauma allows reactivation of vitality & connection more deeply with yourself through the course of this nurturing & fully supported weekend.
Explore beliefs and perceptions that have been dictating  thoughts, feelings & behaviour. Make some small & powerful shifts in perception to create new possibilities for the future.
You don't have to share your "story", you don't have to relive past events to let them go. You are gently guided through the weekend to naturally find your own resolutions.
Our Three Day Retreats offer:
* Three days of relaxation, energising,     connection, learning & letting go.
*  Learn the powerful technique of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  
* Experience the cutting edge technique of Matrix Reimprinting during personal sessions.  
* Bliss out with a  deeply relaxing massage that supports the emotional release process.
* Gentle & relaxing  specialist Yoga session
* Mindfulness and meditation to calm the mind & enhance intuition
* Delicious & nutritionally nurturing gluten & dairy free meals & treats.
Quickly transform your relationship with your past, creating shifts in your emotional and physical well-being in the present.
Oh! And we have a lot of FUN!

From Day 1 @  8.30 am - Day 3 @  5.30 pm
DURATION: 3 Days, 2 Nights
*Inclusions may be subject to change

1 Day Workshops

 1 Whole day for you
AUGUST, 11th, 12th or 13th 2019
OCTOBER 17th, 18th or 19th 2019 

"Creating Peace and balance After an Abusive Relationship"
Our One Day Workshops are designed for those who have limited time to dedicate toward their own self care, but want to make big changes toward recovering from trauma associated with domestic violence.

These private, women only one day workshops, are  specifically designed for women who have been successful in leaving an abusive relationship, and are now ready to let go of the past and create a new future.


During this unique day long session you will participate in group sessions  with our skilled practitioners, and you will learn new skills to be able to handle stress and challenges as they arise in the future.
You will:
* Learn use use and integrate EFT (tapping) as an effective and gentle technique to ease stress & anxiety.
* See how you can make supportive changes to your thinking patterns.
* Understand how your mind & body respond to stress & past trauma so you can be in control.
* Create & embed a self care routine that supports you every day.
* Connect with an amazing group of women who understand & relate to your experiences.

Our gentle, non confrontational approach ensures your comfort throughout the day as you build your knowledge and skills, and connect with the group.

A gluten free lunch, plus morning and afternoon tea's are provided

Weekend and weekday workshops available. Contact us to book, places fill quickly
DURATION: One Day - 9.30 - 4.30
*Inclusions may be subject to change

Personal Follow up Sessions

 Personal sessions available
Private one on one session, in person, via phone or on Skype/Zoom

We follow up your retreat or workshop experience with personal sessions designed to further explore any freshly surfacing challenging memories, patterns or beliefs.

We ensure your experience with us doesn't end when you leave our events. We make sure that you have the extra support you need when you go back to every day life

You can keep gently and easily releasing the often subconscious long held beliefs and negative patterns, blocks and sabotaging behaviour that have been embedded through your unique life experiences., and we are able to follow these threads so you feel a fuller release.

You will be able to keep working and practising with your new perspective on emotional balance and finding your own place of peace.

Continue to use and embed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a tool to use yourself for every day challenges, Follow your path to emotional wellness through your body's own energy system and work intentionally within your subconscious landscape through these personal sessions.

Requirement: 1 day workshop or 3 Day Retreat  attendance

Online Community

Connection any time
Connect with other members and stay in touch with the group that you take the journey with through our retreats or workshops.

Once you have completed your retreat or workshop you will be invited to join our existing private social media group with access to articles, research, activities, inspirational material and our growing community of women who are committed to their own well-being.

Have the access and ability to ask questions, share your experiences, have some social interaction and know that your tribe are just a couple of clicks away. 

The women that you spend time with through our events quite often become long term personal friends and supporters.

Research has shown the importance of bonds and connections with like minded people with similar life experiences, and how these connections enhance their healing journey.



The facts

WE WORK with you

It is not our place to direct or influence you. We are guided by you through your unique experiences to reach your most effective resolutions. We enter each session with an open heart and open mind, ready to assist you to find peace, balance and release.

Experienced facilitators

Our Facilitators and practitioners are hand picked experienced professionals with specialist insight into the dynamics of abusive relationships and the many issues that our guests experience. Many of our team have also had personal journeys through abusive relationships. They bring valuable understanding and knowledge of the dynamics, patterns and common beliefs associated with this most invasive of experiences to our space

Proven methods

We  have been working in Brisbane since 2014 and have streamlined our methods and processes to gain the most benefit for our guests and attendees.
We have looked at the results and feedback from both clients and practitioners and implemented our findings to  offer the women of Melbourne an exceptional experience through our work.
See our wonderful testimonials below from a few of our  previous participants.

Scientifically backed

Many scientific  research papers, clinical studies, trials and articles are backing the efficacy of Energy Psychology methods such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting,  and showing that mindfulness, meditation have a hugely positive effect on stress levels, overwhelm and anxiety issues.
Visit this link to read the results of clinical studies.
And this link to learn about several international investigations into EFT's effectiveness on PTSD

Easy to use techniques

Throughout our programs you are guided by skilled practitioners to relieve issues, but you also are taught to use the techniques in an easy to understand and supportive way to be able to utilise these powerful methods for your own use after you leave us. Our emphasis is on simplicity and ease so you get maximum benefit and feel confident to carry on using these effective tools every day.


A few words from the hearts of some of the women who have attended our previous retreats.

From every aspect, the beautiful space, the souls, the food, the warm hospitality, the program, the information, the technique, the vibe, the safe nurturing feeling I had throughout, the sharing and caring, the stories, seeing myself and others transform before my very eyes, seeing how powerful women can be when they come together to heal. Thank you from the depths of my heart Jane for bringing it all together, you are so inspirational! 
E. from Sydney attended a 3 day retreat

Feeling SO privileged to have been able to attend this event - it has been a truly life-
changing 3 days! THANK YOU with all my ❤️��
N. from Melbourne attended a 3 day retreat

This weekend was life changing for me. I felt so loved and safe and felt free to let
the real me shine through, even the broken parts. Thank you so much for the
wonderful gifts you all shared this weekend. I will forever be grateful. 
This is for all of the beautiful women I shared this life changing experience with
(and for those of you who have daughters). 
Just Dance ��������
J. from Melbourne attended a 3 day retreat

Where do I start to explain what I learned?!! I can’t, but one key skill I was taught is one of the most valuable life skills I have EVER learned!! This should be on the curriculum for every child to learn at a young age to help them develop on so many levels and understand how to cope with many challenging life situations!

My only regret is that it’s taken me so long to discover this tool for healing from trauma on so many levels and in dealing with the daily irritations that punctuate most of our lives, but better late than never eh!

From the moment I arrived and met Jane and her amazing team and the other ladies attending the retreat it felt like going home to a safe place and being wrapped in complete unconditional love! 
B. from Melbourne attended a 3 day retreat.

"This was so incredibly beautiful and empowering I would like to do it again! :) I can honestly say I feel lighter, joyful, hopeful, and peaceful :) And best of all I am able to feel Okay in my skin and who I am and my journey. I feel like this is the final step in my sealing and healing from the journey of the last 15 years! And I will be using the lessons and strategies (EFT, Matrix, Yoga, Massage etc) in my life from now on."
E. from Brisbane, attended a 3 day retreat

"This exceeded all expectations, lots of learning, understanding and acceptance (self and others). Bonds with other participants was very strong, very healing. Surprised by real connections. I am actually a beautiful woman, deserving of love and happiness. Understanding and working on traumas clears the pathway to the real me. Social connection with others was/is awesome!"
                                                                                                        K. from Brisbane, attended a 3 day retreat

"I can't put words to how much this journey has impacted my life. I have loved every minute of this retreat. It has changed my life forever. I have so much love and gratitude to all the wonderfully kind and beautiful people who are involved in making this happen.The vibration I have felt here is so magical and I will always carry this feeling with me."
                                                                                                       S. from Brisbane, attended a 3 day retreat

"Having lived in the darkness for too long, this retreat has helped me to open the door and let the light in.
I actually feel like crying writing this...
My soul feels very grateful! I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. I proudly say with my hand on my heart that I will get through this, and not just because of our sessions but because a group of women (my tribe) absolutely believe in me.
I am worthy! I AM WORTHY!! And I thank you for giving that back to me!!"     
                                                                                                    D. From Adelaide, attended a 3 day retreat

"I am so grateful to have been given an opportunity to heal, grow, learn, release, connect, relax, rejuvenate and shift. Everything felt aligned. All so safe and loving, sooo comfortable. My heart is full of love and gratitude. I feel happy."
                                                                                                      K. From Gold Coast, attended a 3 day retreat


secure your place with us today for our melbourne program

3 day retreat

$ fully funded
per 3 day weekend

  • Our Victorian Retreats, being held in the Mount Martha region, are a continuation of the amazing work we have pioneered in Brisbane. These Retreats are fully funded. All places are at no cost to participants. Be part of a gathering of women who are ready to begin their journey of recovery from the long term effects of trauma related to the experience of domestic and family violence. 

1 day Workshops

$ fully funded
per 1 day retreat

  • Women of Victoria can join us in Frankston for these one day workshops that feature group learning and interactive application of  the techniques,  These workshops are fully funded . All places are at no cost to participants. Be part of a gathering of women who are ready to begin their journey of recovery from the long term effects of trauma related to the experience of domestic and family violence. 


Please enter your details here to begin the booking process.
Please remember, places are very limited so be sure that you can attend the programs you wish to book for. 
We are committed to making the biggest difference to as many women's lives as possible.
Working with us is a commitment to YOU and your future!